Become a Buyer / Manufacturer

Global Manufacturing organization (GMO) is a international marketplace to match buyer of a custom parts and manufacturer. Buyer can place their RFQ and manufacturers will contact buyer with a quote. Once buyer is satisfied with the quote they can contact manufacturer and place order.  Buyer and Manufacturer can sign up for free  We have around 45000 BUYERS / SELLERS in our database. Each and everyone of them is validated for GENUINITY in various process.

Why Choose GMO :

GMO is base on USA with Manufacturer all around the world. We verify each supplier and manufacturer. When in comes to out sourcing your products, we are committed in overcoming all the difficulty that buyer faces when dealing with foreign vendors.
We will become your manufacturing manger and help buyer in every steps (quote, custom clearance, logistic etc).

Don’t just find. Be found.
Put your company details infront of the great companies

It helps you to increase your chances of finding a suitable BUYER and MANUFACTURER from whom you can buy work or offer work.

Register today and connect with our genuine BUYER / MANUFACTURER